Tire Alignment FAQ in Peoria, IL

Tire Alignment FAQ

Tire Alignment FAQ

If you were to ask a driver what automotive service they thought was most important, they would probably say an oil change. While every routine service should be prioritized, vehicle owners often forget about tire alignment services, which is certainly just as important to have done. If your vehicle's wheels are out of alignment, there is a long list of negative effects, including poor gas mileage, uneven wear on tires, and poor suspension

This particular service usually sparks several questions, which is why our team here at Bob Lindsay Honda put together a FAQ guide for our Peoria, IL drivers. After you take a look, be sure to make plans to visit our trusted service center.

Alignment FAQ

  • How Are Alignments Done?
  • When you bring your vehicle in for a wheel alignment service, first, it will be attached to a special machine to measure the angles of your wheels. These measurements will be compared to the ideal measurements listed in your driver's manual. Then, a technician will use a real-time computer to adjust the wheels back to the correct position.

  • What Are the Types of Alignment?
  • There are three different types of alignment, including standard, thrust, and four-wheel. A standard alignment simply adjusts the front wheels. A thrust alignment will both adjust the front wheels and recenter the steering wheel. A four-wheel alignment adjusts all four wheels with adjustable rear suspension.

  • Are There Specific Times When I Should Get an Alignment?
  • Have you recently collided with an animal, been in an accident, or hit a pothole or curb? It's certainly time for a wheel alignment. Although, it doesn't always take a specific instance, as if you notice your steering wheel is off center, or uneven wear on your tires, that is an indication you are due for a wheel alignment.

  • How Often Should I Get an Alignment?
  • If you drive on rough conditions often, we recommend twice a year, but if not, a standard protocol would be once a year.

  • Where Can I Get an Alignment?
  • Look no further than our trusted team of technicians at the Bob Lindsay Honda service center.

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Wheel alignments are crucial to the longevity of your tires, your vehicle's suspension, and your safety on the road, so don't wait any longer to visit our service center at Bob Lindsay Honda in Peoria, IL. While our services are already affordable, we also offer service and part specials to help you save BIG! 

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